Ryobi ZRTS1345L Miter Saw Review

Ryobi ZRTS1345L Miter Saw Review

If you are looking to buy a miter saw, the sheer number of options in the market can confuse you. From price to features to power output to warranty, there are various factors to consider. The great thing is that with numerous options, you don’t have to compromise on any important factor in order to choose the best miter saw.

However, if price is your main concern, you can invest in a refurbished saw. Most people assume that just because a saw is refurbished that it is not worth purchasing. Thankfully, this is not the case when you buy from a reliable brand, such as Ryobi.

Compound Miter Saw with Laser Line

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Ryobi is a trusted name when it comes to power tools and their miter saws are considered among the best in the market. The Ryobi ZRTS1345L has been refurbished by the manufacturer itself and is certified to perform as good as new. Here’s an overview of the top features of this refurbished miter saw:

Notable Features Of The Product

Before buying this amazing product, get to know it's features.

Lightweight Design

The miter saw weighs only 25 pounds. This is thanks to the compact construction, which makes it easy to use. You can control the blade without hassle and enhance precision and accuracy. This weight makes this miter saw among the lightest on the market, which is a useful feature if you are just starting on DIY projects and woodworking.

Compact Construction

You can conveniently move the miter saw, even transporting it to different locations and jobsites. This feature makes it ideal for professionals to use this saw, as they can carry it around without excess strain or fatigue.

Electric Brake

You have complete control over operation of the saw thanks to the electric brake. Applying the brake will stop the motor in a matter of seconds, and it doesn’t take too long to rev up again. This feature adds to the precision you can get on your cuts.

Laser Line

A unique feature of this model is the laser line. You can pinpoint the blade using the laser and then start cutting. You can make intricate cuts on any type of wood, thanks to this handy feature, which you won’t find in many other models on the market.

Primary Miter Saws.

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Bevel Scale

Ryobi has included an accessible and viewable bevel scale on the miter saw. You can conveniently see the bevel scale from both sides and adjust it according to your requirements. The bevel positioning enables you to customize the miter saw to suit your purpose, making this a versatile and handy product.

Powerful Motor

The motor on this miter saw is powerful enough to handle most applications. Given the small size of the product, the motor offers sufficient power to enable you to ensure precision but without having to exert too much force.

What Others Say

The product has been reviewed positively by a majority of customers who purchased it on Amazon. You can see from the reviews that this refurbished miter saw offers accurate and robust performance, despite its low price tag and the refurbishment.

It is important to mention here that Ryobi has stated that there might be some cosmetic blemishes on the miter saw because it has been used before. Some customers mentioned this as a drawback, but this is to be expected when you buy a refurbished item.

Speaking of positive reviews, a customer wrote that he purchased this 10-inch model after having previously used a 7.5-inch miter saw from Ryobi. He praises the brand for offering quality with every model and ensuring ease of use so that beginners can start off on the right foot. A reviewer stated that this miter saw is a steal at the price it is currently available for.

10” miter saw

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It lacks none of the features that you would expect from a high-end miter saw and comes with a 1-year warranty, which essentially makes this a no-risk purchase.

Multiple reviews on Amazon mention that the miter saw appears good as new. Ryobi has done a great job of refurbishing it to ensure it delivers optimal performance, so that customers don’t have any concerns about buying a refurbished product. A customer stated that he wasn’t expecting the miter saw to perform as well as it does.

The negative reviews, as mentioned above, focus mostly on the appearance of the machine. A customer did state that you can get a better warranty offer than Amazon through other retailers. Another buyer said that he has been using this saw for a while despite not being satisfied with its performance.

He states that there are some genuine issues with durability, as the pieces get damaged or break down when using the saw. A reviewer also wrote that the laser can be inaccurate at times and difficult to adjust.

Our Buying Advice

The Ryobi ZRTS1345L is available on Amazon for around $105 with free shipping. The product has been certified refurbished, which means the quality and performance of this miter saw is verified. Despite being refurbished, it performs as good as new, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on any features when using this saw.

Throat plate.

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You can browse through different sellers on Amazon to avail deals and discounts. However, if you are in the market for a brand-new miter saw, you can look at other models, though you will have to spend much more.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Ryobi ZRTS1345L is a tried and tested miter saw that delivers optimal performance. With a wide range of great features and decent reviews from past customers, it is clear that this refurbished miter saw can become a worthwhile addition to your arsenal of DIY tools. At the price it is currently available for on Amazon, it is a bargain.

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