Dewalt DW715 Miter Saw Review

Dewalt DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw

The right miter saw can be your perfect companion for woodworking projects. Cutting through different types of wood, with different densities and thicknesses, means you need to have the right equipment on hand. A miter saw can help you with all your DIY woodworking projects, enabling you to complete your tasks in less time.

DEWALT DWS715 Miter Saw


Selecting the right product can also reduce the strain and fatigue you suffer when using the saw. DEWALT is a trusted name when it comes to power tools and their DW715 miter saw is among the best in its range. 

Notable Features Of The Product

Before buying this amazing saw, get to know it's features.

Slim Design

The saw is thin and sharp, which means you get the cutting power you desire, with complete control over the application. Controlling a slim saw is easier as compared to a thick one, which means you get more precision and accuracy when cutting through wood.

Adjustable Detent Plate

The detent plate that comes with this miter saw is made from stainless steel and is completely adjustable. There are 11 positive stops so you can set the detent plate according to your requirements.

Powerful Motor

The miter saw features a 15 amp motor with a power output of up to 4000 RPM.

Crosscut Capacity

You can easily cut through lumber measuring 2x8 inches with the decent crosscut capacity of this miter saw.

Multiple Bevel Angles

As mentioned, this miter saw offers customizable application, which is particularly true when it comes to the bevels. You can set the angle of each bevel according to your requirements. The left bevel can be adjusted up to 48o and the right bevel up to 3o.

Multiple Bevel Angles.


Plus, there are different bevel stops that you can use, completed with hardened stops that you can use for adjusting the angles.

Cam Lock Miter Handle

The cam lock handle features a miter detent override. This means you don’t have to twist the handle to lock it in place, which reduces hassle and makes it easier for you to start using the miter saw.


The miter saw folds into a neat package that you can easily carry around. In fact, the machine comes with a carry handle that is built in. You simply have to lift the miter saw and you can take it anywhere you want to use it.


The reason why this miter saw is so portable is because of its lightweight construction. The overall weight of the product is just 42 pounds, which not only makes it easy to carry but to operate as well.


You get a variety of accessories in the package. You can also order a blade saw separately. The accessories include a dust bag, blade wrench, and carbide blade.


  • Sharp and thin blade
  • Lightweight
  • ​Portable
  • No assembly required


  • Might come damaged

What Others Say

A majority of the reviews this product has received on Amazon are highly positive. A majority of customers have given it a perfect rating, which clearly shows they are pleased with its performance. A customer wrote that the saw is great for its price and delivers optimal performance.

However, he does recommend that you check the fences when you receive the package. Another reviewer stated that he spends a considerable amount of time doing different projects around the house. With this miter saw, he has been able to reduce the time and effort he has to invest and has more spare time.

Portable dewalt miter saw.


A customer stated that he has been using this miter saw for a couple of years now and has experienced no decline in performance. He also praised the economical price of the product. However, he did state that he had to adjust the blade to make it work properly, but since then, he has faced no problem when using the miter saw.

He also stated that the brand has increased the warranty to 3 years, whereas before it used to be only for 1 year, which is a genuine advantage.

A person wrote that he is a beginner when it comes to woodworking projects. He invested in this miter saw and has been able to use it without any hassle or inconvenience, which clearly shows that the DW715 is perfect for both beginners and experienced DIYers and woodworkers.

He further wrote that the machine continues to function perfectly and he has been able to make different furniture items using it.

On the flipside, a few customers had a bad experience with the product. A customer wrote that he received a defective miter saw in the package and was not able to avail the warranty. That being said, that issue has been resolved by the company. Another reviewer stated that he was not able to get a perfect cut using this saw, regardless of how hard he tried.

This does mean that there is a risk that the product comes damaged, but you can avail the warranty.

Our Buying Advice

The DW715 has been reviewed positively by most customers, which means you should consider purchasing it. You can conveniently order this miter saw on Amazon. You can purchase this product for around $225. You can order a saw blade separately with the product for around $50 extra.

DEWALT is a trusted name!


Shipping is free from Amazon, so you don’t have to bear any additional costs. You can check out different sellers on Amazon to browse for discounts and deals.

Final Verdict

Given its positive reviews and reasonable price, the DEWALT DW715 is among the best miter saws in its class. You should definitely consider investing in this product if you want a miter saw with a decent cutting capacity and power output. This saw is easy to use, which means utmost convenience for you.

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